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Therapy for Teens

Teenagers experience so much as they navigate their life. They go from juggling school, to social expectations to trying to figure out their values and their identity while also balancing the values of others around them. This can be an essential time of development and exploration in identity, who they are, and how they fit in this world. It can be hard, you may be asking yourself how can I support my teen? How can I make them feel seen, known and heard? Therapy can help in many ways with the many things a teenager needs to navigate. It can also help empower your teen to advocate for what they need and how they can feel most supported. I specialize in helping teens navigate:
Body Image Issues
Identity Development
Intrusive Thoughts
School Stress
Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention
 When in therapy together a teen will have a safe environment to be able to express themselves and gain more awareness. I try to teach real-life examples and skills in tandem with them gaining awareness. This means taking a holistic approach to therapy where we are not simply sitting and talking, although that is needed at times, we are also being able to learn actionable items that can help reduce symptoms in real-time. I couple both talk therapy and teaching skills to help give a teen a comprehensive form of therapy.  Note, that in counseling teens it is important for them to feel safe and heard. In therapy, everything is kept strictly confidential unless there are safety concerns.  If you want to get your teen in therapy today simply contact me and we can schedule a time to get together. I offer both in-person and online therapy.


Are you ready to take the courageous step toward healing?

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