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Image by Paul Pastourmatzis

Body Image

Our opinions of our bodies and how we treat them can feed into how we view ourselves as a whole and how we view others and the world around us. You may have been struggling with dissatisfaction with your body image for a while. You may have been dieting, going through periods of not being able to look in the mirror or even struggling with an eating disorder. You may even have felt like this body is not you or not your own in some way. Know that you are not alone.

According to recent research over 90% of humans regardless of sex have experienced body image issues or dissatisfaction with their bodies in some way. 

Therapy can help bring you back in relationship with your body. In therapy together we would look not just at how you view your body in the mirror but how your body is a person and you can be in a relationship with them. Through somatic healing, we can look at your body's sensations and the information your body gives as a deepening in body healing and loving your body not just for the image but for everything else your body does for you. 

Here at A Day in the Life Counseling, we are HAEs oriented which is Healthy at Any Size. We see your body as more than just a machine or an image in the mirror but as a being. Therapy together can help bring you into relationship with your body. We use a holistic set of modalities to deepen the healing in your body leading to further appreciation for your body. 

Are you ready to take the courageous step toward healing?

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