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Spiritual Trauma

There can be many names for spiritual trauma. It can be called spiritual abuse, religious trauma, clergy abuse, etc. With all its names it can be difficult to identify within ourselves. 

You may feel confused or even question if what you went through was spiritual trauma at all. You may feel scared of what calling this spiritual trauma will mean. 

You may feel that you have to hide yourself from you family and your community. 

Spiritual trauma can feel so isolating, but you do not have to go through it alone. 

Here at A Day in the Life Counseling, we want to be able to support you in your journey. Whether you are questioning if what you went through is spiritual trauma or already in your path towards healing, we want to walk alongside you. 

We specialize in a variety of types of spiritual trauma. Some of these specialties include: 

Purity Culture Recovery 

Deconstruction of Religion 

Clergy Abuse 

Religious Sexual Abuse 

Cult Abuse 

LGBTQIA+ Spiritual Abuse 

And others. 

If you do not find what you need in the list above, feel free to still reach out. We can connect you with a therapist that may fit your specific mental health needs. 

Are you ready to take the courageous step toward healing?

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