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Hi there! I’m Victoria Adams-Erickson.

It sometimes feels like I have always been a therapist. Growing up I was the one to dive more into what was underneath a topic of conversation. I tend to choose to have curiosity seeking out answers wherever I can find them. So naturally, I decided to make mental health therapy my career.


To start my mental health therapy career I made a move from Texas to Denver, Colorado. I got my Masters in Mental Health Therapy. After getting my masters I did training at Denver Family Institute. Shortly, after my training I moved to Colorado Springs to be with my partner. I worked at a local group practice and then branched off into my own private practice. And now here I am. A Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado Springs. 


When I am not in therapy you can find me nerding out in books, tv shows, and playing all the board games. I love all things fantasy and spend a lot of my weekends playing DND.  

All this to say, you may be going back and forth with therapy right now. You want a therapist whom you can trust and whom you feel understands you. I want to say I have been there. Taking the step to do my own therapy and work with my therapist was one of the scariest yet most fulfilling things I have done. I have been asked to connect with myself in ways that were deeper and more challenging than I could ever realize. You are not alone in what you feel. You can trust that I know what it is like to be on the other side. And with knowing what it’s like, I have a deepened empathy for the challenging work done in therapy.

My Approach 

I take a relational holistic approach to therapy. I utilize the theories of Internal Family Systems (IFS), Somatic Experiencing, and Accelerated Dynamic Experiential Psychotherapy (AEDP) looking at how we relate to ourselves and our bodies. I utilize this in all therapies with individuals, couples, and teens. I also am trained in Eye Movement Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR). I utilize this in my work with complex trauma. I integrate my therapeutic modalities as well using IFS, Somatic Experiencing, and AEDP in conjunction with EMDR. 


I want to tend to the whole person and experience of my clients. I know that safety and trust must be established before deeper work can continue. With this, I give my client’s agency to choose the pace of the sessions knowing that agency is vital to the establishment of safety. I work towards compassion and curiosity with every client. When I challenge, I challenge with grace.

I am a fully Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado. License: LPC.0019669

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919 N Weber St.

Colorado Springs, CO 80903


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